• Mr. Will

7th/8th Grade Band and Phase 3

I will do my best to condense important information below. Please feel free to reach out any time with questions.

C students:

  • C students will need to add a new google class for band next week. I will post an assignment Monday that provides them with the new class code. They need to complete all missing assignments in their current class. Starting Monday, all new assignments will be posted to their new class. They should stay enrolled in both classes. (We need to keep a record of their work). All new work will be posted in the new class.

A, B, and D Students:

  • Bring instruments on Monday. We will begin playing again. We are keeping a 6 ft distance while playing, and we are wearing masks whenever we are not playing.

  • Future grades will not be based on Google Classroom. Students still need to complete any missing work from day 1 through today (09/11/2020). However, they will no longer be assigned work to complete online.

  • We will be bringing back practice reports (very similar to how Mrs. South did them in the past). The first report will be sent home next Friday and due the following Friday. Be on the lookout for these.

  • Students will also be graded each week on "Rehearsal Etiquette." We will be reviewing the habits of a successful musician, and students will earn weekly grades based on their ability to demonstrate these habits.

  • Students may come to the band room each day at 7:05 am to drop off instruments.

  • 1st load students may leave 7th hour 3 minutes early (at 2:12) to pick instruments up from the band room.

  • 2nd load students will have enough time to get instruments when their bell rings.

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