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Band Grades

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

I just wanted to put out some info now that we are settling in to a routine with grading. For the time being, students and parents can expect the following assignments on Google Classroom each week:

On Google Classroom, you'll see:

  • Monday: Music theory AND Flipgrid assignment

  • Tuesday: Music theory assignment

  • Wednesday: Music theory AND Flipgrid assignment

  • Thursday: Music theory assignment.

  • Friday: Music theory AND Flipgrid assignment

In Powerschool, you'll see:

  • Weekly music theory grade. This is out of 50 points (10 points per theory assignment)

  • Weekly performance grade (Flipgrid). This is out of 60 points (20 points per video). Our first week was only out of 20, as we only did one video assignment.

More Info:

  • I will accept late work for full credit, as long as it is turned in before I submit grades for interims or report cards.

  • Sometimes students do the work, but forget to click "turn in assignment" on Google Classroom. If your child has a low grade in Powerschool, please look through assignments on Google Classroom, and make sure that they've been completed AND turned in.

  • Every child should have at least one grade in Powerschool now. If your child does not have any graded work, he or she has not completed any assignments in Google Classroom.

  • If your child is an A, B, or D student, you will probably see his or her theory grade to go up over the next few weeks. We will be moving to the computer lab, and I'll be helping kids get caught up on theory assignments.

  • The thing I cannot help kids get caught up with is Flipgrid assignments. Because they often require singing or playing instruments, these must be completed at home.

Please contact me if you feel I've made a mistake with your child's grade, or if you have any questions at all.

Thank you!

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