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Beginner Band and Phase 3

Please see important details below regarding instruments, Google Classroom, and band grades. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


  • A, B, and D group Beginners need instruments in class on October 5th.

  • C group beginners will not need instruments yet. Continue doing work on google classroom. Read the section below titled "Grading and Google Classroom"

  • Please RSVP to this Zoom rental meeting (September 21st at 6:00PM). You'll be able to set up your rental, and have your child's instrument delivered to the school on October 5th.

  • Once your child gets an instrument, please label his or her case, and have them bring it to school. I'll make sure they have everything they need. I'll also assign them a cubby in the band room.

  • Students may visit the band room at 7:05am to drop off instruments. That way they don't have to carry them around all day.

  • Any child who hasn't already done a mouthpiece test will do one with me during school. I will send a note home to parents letting them know which instrument would be the best fit.

Grading and Google Classroom:

  • C students will need to add a new google class for band next week. I will post an assignment Monday that provides them with the new class code. They need to complete all missing assignments in their current class. Starting Monday, all new assignments will be posted to their new class. They should stay enrolled in both classes. (We need to keep a record of their work). All new work will be posted in the new class.

  • A, B, and D students need to complete all Google Classroom assignments through today (09/11/2020). There will be no new assignments for them after this week. I will rarely post assignments for those students from here on out, unless we return to phase 2. These students will now receive a weekly grade for "rehearsal etiquette." We're going to be learning about habits of successful musicians, and students will earn credit based on their ability to demonstrate these habits. They will also complete graded activities throughout each week. They should stay enrolled in their current google class (We need to keep a record of their work).

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