• Mr. Will

Google Classroom Codes

Good Afternoon,

Please make sure that your child has logged in to the correct Google Classroom. We will have assignments listed by date, starting today.


6th Grade: wqjdngo

7th Grade: c6jsavz

8th Grade: pm2jsta

7th/8th Grade percussion: uzzmstc

If you're a 7th/8th grade percussionist who is an A, B, or D student, please join the "7th/8th Grade Percussion" class above.

If you're a 7th/8th grade percussionist who is fully virtual, please join the other class for your grade level ("7th grade" or "8th grade" above)

We do not have computers in band yet, so I was not able to set each child up in person. We should have them in a few weeks. Until then, please do your best to help your child log in to view and complete assignments each day. Let me know if you have any questions, or if I can help in any way!

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