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Interim Grades

Please check Powerschool. Your child's grade should be a 100%. If it is any lower, work is missing.

If your child's grade is lower than a 100%, please go through assignments with them.

Please do not have your child go through and turn everything in without completing the assignments fully. MANY students have submitted empty assignments, which I've returned. If an assignment is graded below 100%, there should be a private comment from me, letting you know what needs to be fixed in order to receive full credit. Many students have overlooked these comments, and submitted the same empty assignment multiple times. Please keep an eye out for this.

When in doubt, send me an email. I'll let you know what is missing.

My interim grades will be finalized Wednesday night. Please have your child make up missing work before Wednesday, and I will be able to give them an A in band, which I really want to do!

Thank you!

David Will

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