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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am so sorry to do this, but I will need every band member to join a new Google Classroom. I have been trying all year to organize things in a way that will work for all of my students. Thankfully, I believe I finally have it. Please do the following

  • ALL STUDENTS - Join using the class code ov6aybl (Keep your old band class(es) and I'll remove you when the time is right)

  • ALL STUDENTS - Turn in a practice report on the last school day of each week. This can be done via Google Classroom or in person. Parent Signature Required!

  • IN-CLASS STUDENTS - Will continue as-usual. Turn in practice reports each week!

  • VIRTUAL/Quarantine STUDENTS ONLY - Log in each day to complete assignments. You'll notice that you're asked to turn in 2 things at the end of each week: A practice report and one other assignment (usually a Flipgrid.)

I am so sorry for constantly switching plans. I feel like I've been constantly "changing gears" this year trying to find a way to make band work. I hope that I'm not causing too much stress. I feel confident that this new set up is going to make things easier on all students in the long run. Every week, every student will receive 2 grades in Powerschool:

  1. Practice Reports

  2. Rehearsal Etiquette (in-class) - OR - Friday assignment in G.C.(virtual)

As always, feel free to contact me at with any questions or concerns.

Thank you!

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