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New Info: Phase 3

Hey everyone!

Louisiana Dept. of Education released new guidance last evening, stating that we are no longer allowed to play instruments indoors during phase 3. So, we are going to be headed outside. This will go into effect Friday for 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 6th hour. 4th hour will stay inside (percussion) and 7th hour will head outside to play starting on October 5th. Only 4th hour will play tomorrow.

So, my previous announcements about phase 3 are still going to be in effect. However, we will do all of our playing outside. No new Google Classroom assignments for in-class students until further notice.

Please encourage your kids to wear shorts if possible. Please also encourage them to bring more water than they usually do. We will take turns in the shade in larger classes, as we will not all fit under our awning while keeping a 6 ft. distance.

Thank you all so much for all that you're doing to keep things together for your kids. I am extremely impressed with the involvement of parents and guardians at JPJH.

Thanks again,

David Will

P.S. - BEGINNER BAND PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Don't forget about our zoom meeting Monday at 6PM with Music and Arts. There is an announcement at

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